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2017-18 Village Budget

Skateboard Park Waiver form

Anti-Bullying Policy for Youth Recreation Program

2017 Fee Schedule

Local Law #2 2015
Zoning Law

Comprehensive Plan
Design Guidelines

Historic District Map

NYS Local Government Handbook

NY Constitution

US Constitution

2000 US Census data

Village of Cambridge Laws, Forms & Documents

>>>2018 Winer Break Recreation Registration<<<

2017 After School Recreation Registration
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Application for Village Parade Permit

Birth Certificates local only
Instructions and Application for Copy of Birth Certificate

Open Burning:   The Village of Cambridge does not require a DEC burn permit.    All burns must be in compliance with NYS Environmental Conservation Law Sections 9-1105.5 and 9-1107.   For more information, see  No open burns are permitted from March 15 to May 15 unless the property is classified as agricultural.

FOIL request information
(Freedom of Information Law)

FOIL request form

Grant Application Check List

Policy and Application for Use of the Municipal Building

 Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Excavation Permit

Heating & Chimney Permit

Skateboard Park Waiver form

Zoning Permits and Appeals: Application for Zoning Permit
Application to ZBA for AREA Variance
Application to ZBA for USE Variance
Application to ZBA for an Interpretation, Findings, and Decision
Application to Planning Board

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Short Form or Long Form Full Text of NY State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)
Small Claims Court form
Village Expense Voucher

Laws and Documents

Local Laws, Regulations, Policies
NOTE:  This page is being formatted to include links to all documents listed below.  These links are provided as a service only;  the official copies of local laws can be accessed at the Village Office. No unauthorized editing of these documents is allowed.

Adendum to the Comprehensive Plan October 2011

Local Law #1, 2014
Village Employee Indemnification Law

Local Law No. 1 of 2009, Residency Requirements

Local Law #2 2015
Revised Zoning Law

Local Law No. 1 of 2008, Outdoor Furnaces Regulation

Local Law No.3 of 2008, Handicap Parking

Local Law No. 2 for 2007, Temporary Twelve month moratorium/work on historical structures

Local Law No. 3 of 2007, Flood Damage Prevention
Local Law No. 1 of 1997, Flood Damage Prevention
Local Law No. 2 of 1997, Flood Damage Prevention

Local Law No. 1 of 2001, Play Vehicle Law

Local Law No.2 of 2000, Games of Chance

Local Law No. 5 of 1999, Mobilehome/Travel Trailer Moratorium Continuation

Local Law No. 4 of 1999, Subdivision Regulations (Major & Minor)

Local Law No. 1 of 1995, Parade Ordinance

Local Law No. 2 of 1995, Dog Control 

Local Law No. 1 of 1993,  Unsafe Buildings and Structures 

Local Law No. 1 of 1991, Establish Village Speed Limit

2009 Parking Regulation No. 7

Current Policies

Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy for Youth Recreation Program

Emergency Management Plan

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Internet Use Policy 2014

Procurement Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy 2014

Smoking Policy 2014
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 2014
 Use of the Municipal Building

Rules of Ethical Conduct




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