Village of Cambridge NY


Please prepare your emergency kit with water, food, pet food, flashlights with fresh batteries and read the FEMA emergency check list for more suggestions.

Cambridge Emergency Shelters are located at the Rescue Squad building on Gilbert Street and Cambridge Central School.
As always, in case of emergency, dial 911.



The Village of Cambridge/Greenwich Police Department

The Cambridge – Greenwich Police Department recently received a Medication Drop Box from the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.
Abuse of prescription drugs is a major public health problem in New York State. The New York State Medication Drop Box Program will expand the options currently available for households to dispose of discontinued, expired or unwanted medications in a manner that considers public health, as well as the environment.
The box is currently in the lobby of the Cambridge Police Station located at 56 North Park Street and maybe accessed by the public anytime day or night when a officer is in attendance or if no officer is in attendance simply go to Villages Clerk office during normal business hours and they will escort you to the box.

The Villages of Cambridge and Greenwich are located in upstate New York in  Washington County.  The Village of Cambridge has an estimated population of 1925 residents;  the Village of Greenwich is home to approximately 1902 residents (2000 Census data).Police Badge, Cambridge Greenwich

The Department maintains patrols throughout the Villages at all times of the day and night, as well as supplemental patrols for DWI and Traffic Enforcement.  There are also "Special Detail" patrols assigned by the Chief of Police. Police gun training




Police Chief Bell requests that all residents check on their neighbors to make sure they are alright. If you notice mail building up or a local business that doesnt see a customer who normally comes in on a regular basis, call or have someone check on them. We live in a small community we should be looking out for our neighbors.

Police Department Non-emergency Phone


Chief of Police
George G. Bell
Badge #001

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Check on your neighbors!
We live in a small community, we should be looking out for our neighbors.